You have worked hard - get the job you deserve

You have worked hard - get the job you deserve

MyRightJob.com was created by a professional Career Consultant with
over 20 years' experience supporting Fortune 500 firms, major universities and government agencies.

I have supported clients from virtually every industry and profession from entry level
and recent graduates to CEOs.

I have provided resume / CV and cover letter services to clients worldwide to include the
United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, England, Europe, Korea,
Singapore and Hong Kong.

Once you purchase the service we can start with your old resume or we can send you a short questionnaire.  After we review your information we will request any additional information needed to create a strong marketing document.  After you receive your resume you will have the opportunity to request changes / additions without any additional charges.

For further information please contact customerservice@myrightjob.com

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