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            ABOUT US/FAQ

Q:  Why are you so much less expensive than 
      other sites that charge $100 to $500 for a 
A:  I keep my costs down.  I also charge
     much more to my corporate clients for    
     career consulting services.  This allows me 
     to offer affordable, top quality resumes.
Q:  Does the $39.99 cover all costs.
A:  The $39.99 is the total cost of the resume 
      to  include edits.

Q:  Are cover letters included in the resume
A:  Cover letters are $9.99.
Q:  What happens after I purchase the resume?
A:  After you purchase the resume you will be 
     sent a resume questionnaire to obtain basic
     information.  Following a review of your  
     background and objectives, additional
     information will be requested to develop a 
     resume to market you effectively.
Q:  Is all contact via email?
A:  While email is the primary method to 
      exchange information, I do frequently 
      speak with clients by telephone?
Q:  Do you have a telephone number where 
      you can be contacted?
A:  I can be contacted at (603) 512-3976.

Q:  Do you have a Fax?
A:  Yes, Fax:  (603) 299-4789.
Q:  Where are you located?
A:  I am located in southern Maine.  I work 
     with  clients throughout the United States  
     and Canada
Q:  Can you write all my cover letters?
A:  Yes.  If you are planning a major job   
      search campaign and would like us to write 
      a large number of cover letters, please 
      contact us and ask about 
      volume discounts on cover letters.
Q:  Are you experienced writing Federal 
A:  Yes, I am experienced with Federal
      Resumes and do them at the advertised  
      price.  KSAs are an additional $20 each.
Q:  Do you provide sample resumes?
A:  We do not provide sample resumes as  
     they can be very misleading as to your 
     specific situation.  Each resume needs to be 
     designed to the clientís background and 
     objective to make it a successful marketing 
     tool.  The resume price includes editing to 
     your satisfaction.  If you would like us to 
     provide you an analysis of how we could
     improve your resume, please email it to us 
     and we will advise you at no charge.

Q:  Do I need to join Paypal to process my 
A:  No.  You can process a credit card though 
     Paypal without joining.  You can also call us
     at (603) 512-3976 to process your payment
     over the telephone.

For further information please contact customerservice@myrightjob.com